I remember the day my independence began. It was invigorating, and slightly scary. Finally, I could take on the world and change it to my liking. I was free.

It was still dark outside, when dad drove me to the airport to head to Texas for a year of soul searching. I was just 18, though I felt like I had been ready for at least 5 years to be out of my parents house. Yet, in typical Jessica fashion, I left all my bedding at home in DC and had to sleep on a bare mattress in the fetal position for lack of warmth. Welcome to adulthood. In truth, I thought I was so prepared mentally, but no one could’ve prepared me for myself.

It’s hard to be an adult, especially when we feel like a kid inside trying to figure out how to do this “adult” thing. So I wanted to tell you what I learned in my experience being an adult and, sometimes a big kid. If you don’t mind, my letters will come in spurts of inspiration as I reflect and continue in my own life lessons.

The one thing you must first remember is that life isn’t delicate, and it isn’t long lasting. It moves like a freight train faster than you think. There are no real rules in how you do it, just standards in which you choose to live it.



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