You could not convince me that I was not a child prodigy growing up. By the time I was ten years old I had at least 3 full cassette tapes worth of songs I wrote on my own (quoted from my 6th grade school report). By twelve I had a designer line drawn out with accessories included. (Doc martins and clear plastic coats may have been in the line.) I was also a proficient speaker to thousands. Just ask all 12 of my stuffed animals and the other 988 imaginary friends. I knew I was bound for greatness at a young age. It was only a matter of time before this greatness was discovered. And by time, I meant any day.

Fast forward to my young twenties and I was not quite changing the world. In fact, I was barely experiencing the world I lived in. Reality looked more like I was dying a slow death at desk job I would have rather napped at than answer one more email. I thought I was destined for greatness, yet it felt like I was shortchanged to the 4 walls I lived in.

At twenty-five, it was time to finally change the world and find my souls destiny in New York City. I got accepted and excelled at my dream school – Parsons School of Design. Yet, after school, no one in the universe seemed to be privy that I was a prodigy waiting to happen. I entered the fashion world working in retail to make ends meat while being overworked in an unpaid internship from hell. With my dreams deflated by an industry I no longer loved; once again, I found myself at the crossroads of wanting to change the world and feeling shortchanged.

There were so many moments where I felt like the life I bought into was a lemon. I thought, if I was meant to be average, why did I have a desire to make a big difference in the world? There was a constant tension between trying to be satisfied where I was while still desiring to do great things. I have felt lost on many occasions in my life (mainly while driving), but never more lost than in that tension of in-between. You know, those moments that feel seemingly aimless, small or mundane.

Here’s the truth, we aren’t shortchanged from greatness, we are just seeds comparing ourselves to the oak trees we will becomeA seeds entire potential is packed in the smallest of forms. In fact, it cracks, breaks, and reforms constantly to become its destiny. You can never say what day or time a seedling became a tree. It wasn’t one sudden moment; it was a million small moments. Is a tree less in purpose when it’s small, or when its in winter with no leaves versus the days it’s in full bloom? I’d venture to say, no. Just the same, approaching the seed spaces; the moments that feel small, undefined, or broken are not short-changing us, but are purpose-filled, growing us into the greatness we were born to become. 




3 thoughts on “6.

  1. Diane Stefano says:

    Jess, so amazing to me to see the seed planted in you growing into such a beautiful-full tree. You are passing the test and over coming every obstacle placed before you. You will always hold a special place in my heart.



  2. Diane Stefano says:

    Jess, it is amazing watching the seed planted in you growing into such a beautiful full tree. You are overcoming obstacles that have been placed before you and growing in such deep wisdom. You will always have a special place in my heart.


    Hope I did not post this twice .


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